Do you give a Pro discount?

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Note: We are currently revamping our pro program and therefore not accepting new applicants, stay tuned to our social media channels for an announcement for when it's back up and running. In the meantime do consider signing up to lashify x for discounts on our gossamers.

We give professionals a 40% discount with a minimum purchase of $100.00.  

 If you are a professional working make-up artist or cosmetologist, please send your credentials to

If you are an agency represented or union makeup artist, please attach a screenshot of your name listed on your agency site, a comp card or your union card.

Non-Union or industry  professionals who are not represented by an agent:

We also accept the following documents (Required professional identification must be current (within one year) and indicate your name and specific area of work) 

Three of the following are required: Cosmetology or Aesthetics license, Publication masthead
and Two of these:

Editorial page with name credit
Program or press material with name and profession
Professional website (social media pages with over 500 followers are accepted)
Listing on salon site or concierge site
Call sheet on Production company letterhead
Business cards 

In order to receive the discount, you must be signed up to the site.  We will then give you a special code that will work only for your account.  Lashify X members are not eligible for a Pro Discount. 

Lashify reserves the right to cancel the pro discount at any time.  Pro discounts may not be used towards Control Kits, robes or bags. 

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