My Gossamers® won't stay on!

Updated 9 months ago by Sahara Lotti

Your Gossamer® lashes should stay on between 1-7 days depending on proper application, how well you care for the Gossamers® and how often you fuse. If you're finding they are not holding that means you may have oils on or around your lashes and eyes, applied them on the waterline or you are not using enough bond. Not cleansing before an application is usually the biggest culprit. Be sure you've cleansed your lashes before applying Lashify®, consider using our pre-cleanse to ensure squeaky clean lashes. Also, avoid using any oil-based product on or around your eyes before and after application and during wear. 

*Tip-You can even use blotting paper or eyeshadow primer if you have oily lids. 

For additional assistance you can have a complimentary 1 on 1 application tutorial, please contact to schedule.

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