What is Lashify X?

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Lashify X is our VIP subscription membership program that delivers Gossamer® lashes to your doorstep monthly. It allows you to purchase Gossamer® Lashes from our core collection (A,B,C) at 50% off the retail price ($20) at $9.95 each.  You also get discounts on some bonds, sealers etc.  There are 3 tiers, all charged monthly; 

Tier X 

  • 4 Gossamers at $39.95 a month

Tier XX

  • 8 Gossamers at $79.95 a month

Tier XXX

  • 12 Gossamers at $119.95 a month

You are completely in control of your X membership, you will be able to change your lash selection as often as you want through manage subscription section of the website- up to 3-5 business days before your shipment is due to process, and you can cancel your membership after 2 payments. Other benefits of being a lashify x member are; 

  • 50% off additional lashes outside the subscription (A, B, C gossamers) and a small discount on additional items like bond and other lash styles. 
  • 1 Free Fuse Control Wand damage replacement (V1 wand only, defective wand must be returned, broken wands are not included). 
  • Skip or pause the membership (regular retail prices whilst membership is skipped or paused).
  • Cancel anytime after 2 charges
  • Free domestic shipping on lashify x orders
  • Free domestic shipping on additional orders $35 or more and under $100 (FedEx shipping and control kits excluded)

*Lashify X ™ and Lashify® store are two different departments and therefore lashify x must be purchased separately from all other items as it's a recurring automated order.  At this time we are unable to merge orders from the different departments together.

Lashify X™ is never taxed because its a membership, Lashify also cover international customs charges on all deliveries and we will charge the most minimal shipping fee to send your Gossamers.  

Please note that the Terms and Conditions and promotions for Lashify X will change from time to time. However, we will always honor whatever promotions available at your subscription time.

*Please note we cannot exchange monthly X shipments and we do not accept returns. Lashify® x is none refundable.

International members are still eligible for Lashify X™.  International clients can save money on shipping by purchasing Tier xx or xxx and then pausing their membership for up to 3 consecutive months.

 Then you can simply pause your membership for 3 months until you are ready to purchase again. Please note paused or skipped memberships also pause and skip the membership benefits. 

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