What is Lashify X?

Updated 3 weeks ago by Sahara Lotti

Lashify X is our VIP program.  It only has one tier, that's because X is not the typical subscription plan.  It's actually a club membership that allows you to purchase Gossamer Lashes at 50% off the retail price at $9.95 each.  You also get discounts on bond, sealers etc.   What makes it even better is that, we also give you 4  Gossamer cartridges per month or if you choose, per week depending on the schedule you choose. 

You are completely in control of your X membership.  You will be able to change the order as often as you want  up till 3 days before your shipment.  You can also update your address and skip or month or not. 

Lashify X and Lashify® store are two different departments.  We are unable to merge the orders together.  For example, other than the 1st month you sign up, Lashify X orders will not ship with store orders. They will be shipped from two different departments.

Lashify X is never taxed because its a membership and we will charge the most minimal shipping fee to send your Gossamers.  

Please note that the Terms and Conditions and promotions for Lashify X will change from time to time, however you will always get whatever promotions you signed up for during that time. 

Please note we cannot exchange monthly X shipments and we do not accept returns. 

International members are still eligible for Lashify X.  The way to save money on the shipping fee is to purchase a few at the same time.  For example:  you can purchase 12 Gossamer's (3 months worth)  in one transaction at Lashify X prices pay just one shipping fee. Then you can simply pause your membership for 3 months until you are ready to purchase again. 

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