Can I reuse the Gossamers™?

Updated 1 month ago by Dani Engle

We have some customers that are very gentle and able to reuse them up to 3 times. We do not sell them as "Reusable" but they can be when used with care.  Some customers use old gossamers to add drama and stack. 

Tip:  You can clean your Gossamer's by soaking them in a mixture of micellar water and baby shampoo for a few minutes and shaking the bottle. Then you can strain them using a tea strainer with clean water and let them dry.  Voila!  Some say they look as good as new!  We do not recommend leaving them soaked as micellar water will cause the lashes to break down.  

Please check out our Lashify Community page on Facebook for more details and ideas. 

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