Lash Cash Referral Terms and Conditions


Through your LASHIFY® account, you may have access to a referral link that you can use to refer other people to shop at, or you may have credit resulting from a purchase by a person you have shared a LASHIFY® Referral link with. If a person you refer using the link (the “Referee”) completes a qualifying first-time purchase from LASHIFY®, you will earn 100 points that you may apply to redeem certain items with future purchases. A qualifying first-time purchase means a purchase the Referee makes of an eligible product after your referral.

You may not conduct your own public promotion, marketing or advertising in connection with our referral program. Referral links may be used only for personal, non-commercial purposes. For example, you may share the referral link with your personal connections through email, Facebook, Twitter, and other sites where you are the primary content owner.

However, public distribution of the referral link on sites where you are not the primary content owner is prohibited. Attempting to circumvent LASHIFY®'s referral program policies may result in forfeiture of referral credits in your account and your ability to participate in the program. LASHIFY® reserves the right to void referrals and referral credits earned if we suspect that the referrals or referral credits were earned in a fraudulent manner, in a manner that violates these Terms of Service, or in a manner otherwise not intended by LASHIFY®.

Referral credits are not redeemable for cash; are not transferable; may not be auctioned, bartered or sold and may not be pooled with credits of other participants. The authorized recipient cannot be changed on orders made through the referral program. 

LASHIFY® reserves the right to change, cancel or otherwise alter the referral program at any time, for any reason. 

Lash Cash is designed for active customers. All points are subject to expiration after six months. Old Lash Cash codes valued at $10/$20 are no longer applicable and have expired. 

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