How long do Lashify® extensions last?

Updated 2 months ago by Dani Engle

The length of time depends on you.  You control it.  You can wear Lashify™ Gossamers for up to one week or for just one night.  It depends on how often you fuse and dab a little bond.  If you’re forecasting a wild night, just re-apply a bit of the Whisper Light flexible bond, fuse and keep your lashes going strong. Your Gossamer’s can pretty much withstand anything except for soyf (sleeping on your face.) 

If you want to sleep in your lashes we recommend fusing before you wake up and before you sleep. If one of the lashes loosens, just re-bond and fuse again.  We have clients that wear them for the day and others that wear them for over 10 days. It all depends on how oily your lids are and how well you care for them. 

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